Details of Upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Schedule:

The ICC released the fixture details on 26 April, 2018 for ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Schedule. All teams play with each other once. So 45 matched will be played. It is similar like ICC Cricket World Cup 1992, which was won by Pakistan under the captaincy of Imran Khan.

Fixtures of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Schedule, May 30 – July 14:

icc cricket world cup 2019 schedule

icc cricket world cup 2019 schedule


No:World Cup MatchTimeVenue

Qualifying Matches ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Schedule:

1England vs South AfricaThu 30 May, 14:30 (PKT)The oval, London
2West Indies vs PakistanFri 31 May, 14:30 (PKT)Trent Bridge, Nottingham
3New Zealand vs Sri LankaSat 01 June, 14:30 (PKT)Cardiff Wales Stadium
4Afghanistan vs AustraliaSat 01 June, 17:30 (PKT)Bristol County Ground
5South Africa vs BangladeshSun 02 June, 14:30 (PKT)The oval, London
6England vs PakistanMon 03 June, 14:30 (PKT)Trent Bridge, Nottingham
7Afghanistan vs Sri LankaTue 04 June, 14:30 (PKT)Cardiff Wales Stadium
8South Africa vs IndiaWed 05 June, 14:30 (PKT)Hampshire Bowl, Southampton
9Bangladesh vs New ZealandWed 05 June, 17:30 (PKT)The oval, London
10Australia vs West IndiesThu 06 June, 14:30 (PKT)Trent Bridge, Nottingham
11Pakistan vs Sri LankaFri 07 June, 14:30 (PKT)Bristol County Ground
12England vs BangladeshSat 08 June, 14:30 (PKT)Cardiff Wales Stadium
13Afghanistan vs New ZealandSat 08 June, 17:30 (PKT)County Ground Taunton
14India vs AustraliaSun 09 June, 14:30 (PKT)The oval, London
15South Africa vs West IndiesMon 10 June, 14:30 (PKT)Hampshire Bowl, Southampton
16Bangladesh vs Sri LankaTue 11 June, 14:30 (PKT)Bristol County Ground
17Pakistan vs AustraliaWed 12 June, 14:30 (PKT)County Ground Taunton
18India vs New ZealandThu 13 June, 14:30 (PKT)Trent Bridge, Nottingham
19England vs West IndiesFri 14 June, 14:30 (PKT)Hampshire Bowl, Southampton
20Sri Lanka vs AustraliaSat 15 June, 14:30 (PKT)The oval, London
21South Africa vs AfghanistanSat 15 June, 17:30 (PKT)Cardiff Wales Stadium
22India vs PakistanSun 16 June, 14:30 (PKT)Old Trafford, Manchester
23West Indies vs BangladeshMon 17 June, 14:30 (PKT)County Ground Taunton
24England vs AfghanistanTue 18 June, 14:30 (PKT)Old Trafford, Manchester
25New Zealand vs South AfricaWed 19 June, 14:30 (PKT)Edgbaston, Birmingham
26Australia vs BangladeshThu 20 June, 14:30 (PKT)Trent Bridge, Nottingham
27England vs Sri LankaFri 21 June, 14:30 (PKT)Headingly, Leeds
28India vs AfghanistanSat 22 June, 14:30 (PKT)Hampshire Bowl, Southampton
29West Indies vs New ZealandSat 22 June, 17:30 (PKT)Old Trafford, Manchester
30Pakistan vs South AfricaSun 23 June, 14:30 (PKT)Lord’s London
31Bangladesh vs AfghanistanMon 24 June, 14:30 (PKT)Hampshire Bowl, Southampton
32England vs AustraliaTue 25 June, 14:30 (PKT)Lord’s London
33New Zealand vs PakistanWed 26 June, 14:30 (PKT)Edgbaston, Birmingham
34West Indies vs IndiaThu 27 June, 14:30 (PKT)Old Trafford, Manchester
35Sri Lanka vs South AfricaFri 28 June, 14:30 (PKT)The Riverside Durham
36Pakistan vs AfghanistanSat 29 June, 14:30 (PKT)Headingly, Leeds
37New Zealand vs AustraliaSat 29 June, 17:30 (PKT)Lord’s London
38England vs IndiaSun 30 June, 14:30 (PKT)Edgbaston, Birmingham
39Sri Lanka vs West IndiesMon 01 July, 14:30 (PKT)The Riverside Durham
40Bangladesh vs IndiaTue 02 July, 14:30 (PKT)Edgbaston, Birmingham
41England vs New ZealandWed 03 July, 14:30 (PKT)The Riverside Durham
42Afghanistan vs West IndiesThu 04 July, 14:30 (PKT)Headingly, Leeds
43Pakistan vs BangladeshFri 05 July, 14:30 (PKT)Lord’s London
44Sri Lanka vs IndiaSat 06 July, 14:30 (PKT)Headingly, Leeds
45Australia vs South AfricaSat 06 July, 17:30 (PKT)Old Trafford, Manchester

Semi Final ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Schedule:

461st vs 4thTue 09 July, 14:30 (PKT)Old Trafford, Manchester
472nd vs 3rdThu 11 July, 14:30 (PKT)Edgbaston, Birmingham

Final ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Schedule:

48TBC vs TBCSun 14 July, 14:30 (PKT)Lord’s London

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